Huan Qi HQ 852 RC Helicopter And Huanqi HQ852 Spare Parts

HQ Huan Qi 852 4 channels RC Helicopter


Package Size: 515 x 345 x 755mm
control distance: 30-50m
Weight: 242g
charger time: 2 hours
operation time: about 7 - 15 minutes

Package including:

1 × RC Helicopter
1 × Remote Control
1 × Charger
1 × Balance charger box
1 × Instruction sheet

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Huan Qi HQ 852 RC Helicopter Parts List HQ852 Fitting Spare Parts

Solid lube grease lubricant for gear of RC Helicopter


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RC helicopter undercarriage langding skit Anti-crash shock protecting ball

For:Big helicopter landing gear.To fix the protecting ball well,the Diameter of pipe of landing gear should be equal or greater than 5mm.Of course,you can extend the size of site where the protecting ball fixed on by twining adhesive bandage.

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Training Landing kit Protect RC helicopters (Metal Connection)

Suitable for helicopters that longer than 40 cm
It's the best entry-level materials necessary protection product.
Can effectively protect your model helicopter
will not be hurt, to minimize the loss.

Buy One $8.00

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This traning kit is great for beginners or experts who are trying out new helicopters or new set-ups.It helps balances helicopter and it greatly prevents blades or other expensive parts from tilting and hitting the ground or any obstacles,thus saving costly damage.By using this traning kit,beginner can master the base operation easily.We recommend!

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Huanqi spare parts HQ 852 Remote Control Battery


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852 Servo arm


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-001 Canopy head cover


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-002 Main rotor blade


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-003 Main frame


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-004 Front Motor


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-005 Rear Behind Motor


Huanqi HQ 852-007 Undercarriage Landing gear


Huanqi Avater HQ852-07 Lower blade grip holder


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-008 Balance bar


Huanqi HQ 852-008 Connect buckle of Balance bar


Huanqi HQ 852-009 Lower Gear A with copper bush


Huanqi HQ 852-010 Canopy head cover holder fixed


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-011 Servo Fastener


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-012 Tail big Hollow beam


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-013 Tail supporting pipe



Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-014 Tail decorative fin sheet


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-015 Tail decorative fan


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-016 Screws


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-017 Upper blade grip A


Huanqi HQ 852-018 Bearing holder and Limit ring


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-019 Big bearing


Huanqi HQ 852-034 Remote Control Transmitter


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-020 small baring


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-021 Swashplate


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-022-1 Lower Blade grip holder


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-022-2 Long Connect buckle


Huanqi HQ 852-023 Upper Gear B with Hollow pipe


Huanqi HQ 852-024 Main inner center axis shaft


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-025 Servo + Arm


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-026 Servo Pull rod


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-027 LED Lamp


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-028 Crystals


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-030 PCB Receiver circuit board


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-031 battery


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-032 Balance charger



Huanqi spare parts HQ 852-033 Charger


Huanqi spare parts HQ 852 Antenna






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